Why Iranian fiber?

Towlide Fibre Iran company as the only producer of all types of fibre in Iran, to keep up and promotion of quality management  system with maintaining the qualitative constancy, is trying to step along with the increasing products measure​, efficiency and sustainable development simultaneously with following of the country liabilities and that continuous improvement and in this way, quality management guidelines are described as below:



What are LLP and its formation stages

The company whose founders and pools provide parts of company capital via population stocks is called LLP. The number of stockholders should not be less than 3 and the responsibility of them in limited to nominal subscription (face value) of their stocks. In this company, the “LLP” must be stated before or later the name of the company. Low capitals in the form of stocks left to people and the managers place the resulting capital in economic circulation that in the first stage offers to profit from investment and in the second stage accompanied with boom and prosperity for the country. Company capitals could supply in the form of cash or non-cash ; if it was non-cash, wealth value should be appraised by the justice formal assessor and all the properties be transformed to the company and if it was cash, founders personally must undertake 20% of company capital , and left to the bank at least 35% of commitment , then offer approved statute by general assembly with attaching the assembly proceedings, investigators and managers acceptance declaration  and stocks underwriting declaration having the signature of all founders , to companies registration authority. After the investigation, the related authority, issues the license of performing the legal rules including of stock underwriting and act. In this companies, the stock owner has complete freedom for share transform.

What is the ordinary and extra-ordinary general community, and when they hold

General community has company stockholders and persons who have company legal personality. Invitation of stock owners is the responsibility of company board of directors that takes place via advertisement publication in the newspaper, that in the community advertisement, agenda, date, and place of assembly must be mentioned and the distance between advertisement publication and general community formation date should not be less than 10 days. The ordinary general community is formed for investigating the company financial statements, investigation of investigator and manager reports and profit and storage sharing among stockholders. This community entries with at least up to half of stockholders and decisions always would be valid with a majority of half plus one votes present in the official meeting. The moratorium of ordinary general community formation based on the business law is greatest 4 months after company fiscal year and in the time that has been predicted in the statute. Alter or correction matters of the statute, capital decrease or increase and company decline is only investigated in an extraordinary general community in which owners of up to half of capital who have voting right must be present and community decisions always would be valid if they had two-third of votes.

How will decide the price of a stock in the market?

Every stock has two type of price or value that called nominal value or commercial value. Nominal has been paid at the company foundation day and forms the company capital, and commercial value depends on company activity and annual profit. in fact, factors such as company budget, production of every stock profit, amounts of production and sales, profit-sharing of each stock, properties composition, company history, debts, internal information and gossips, price relation to income of each stock, demand and supply of each stock, company management and economic conditions of country have a great influence on stock price oscillation.

What time of day, deals of securities in the stock exchange take place?

From 9:00 to 12:30, Saturday to Wednesday except vacations.

How much is the oscillation range of stock price?

Oscillation of stocks price in every day beside last day is from 5 to -5 in exchange, and deal will be done in the transactional symbol opening day without limitation in oscillation.

Who is the supervisor-operator?

Transactions sales of stockholders wealth in each transactional symbol will be done under the supervision of an operator who called supervisor operator. However, stockholder might do the stock buying by reference to each operator. It may that stockholder’s property in a transactional symbol was under the supervision of a supervisor operator, and in another symbol, it was under supervision the other one.

How can we inform about our stocks property amounts?

Recursion to central deposit company and offering documents and evidence ( original and a copy of the national card and stock papers) you can receive a code and password and by entry to the internet and the site of deposit company , could gain related information.